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I know, I know… the title seems slightly confusing, doesn’t it? It’s because today I’d like to talk about about.me

about.me is a great website / tool / social network where you, as an individual, can create a simple website to introduce yourself to the world. I would actually describe it more like your own on-line, style-packed, full-screen business/personal card.

As a website, it’s very easy to use. Very dynamic, very intuitive, right to the point. You just need to sign up, choose your username -which will also be the name of your page-, choose a background, write a few lines and connect your page to other social networks you belong to, and BAM! You’re ready to go.

As a tool, I didn’t realize at first what its potential was. First of all, it’s a great tool to introduce oneself out to the world. Not only is it an on-line, ready-at-hand business card, but it’s also a fantastic way for people to get to know you. It’s a marvelous marketing idea if you want to offer your services or your own business. In a word: it’s just fantastic!

Here comes the fun of it! As a social network, you are in constant interaction with other people. You can browse other users’ pages, decide if you like them, if you want to compliment them in any way (e.g. saying you like their photos, saying they’re creative, suggesting that you’ve felt inspired by them…) There are many ways of interaction and soon you’ll find you’re flowing with the whole thing. People will quickly compliment you and your page, and this can translate to connecting also in different social networks and widening your contacts, probably around the world.

If you like social media, or technology, or any form of contact or interaction with other people, trust me, you’ll like about.me

So don’t miss it!


— Jorge —