Happy Celtic New Year!!



I know it’s only 1st November, and we all really celebrate New Year’s day on 1st January, but since a number of years back I have celebrated the entrance to a new year at the beginning of every November, as the celtic tradition indicates. The reason for this is that I was/have been a wiccan for years, even though I don’t practise at all today, and I’m not even sure I believe anymore.

Every Samhain’s night (Halloween night), I usually dedicate myself to honour those of mine who have passed away (and, in my case, they’re most of them). I also meditate about my life and where it seems to be going and, every now and then, I do a little ritual to get rid of things I don’t want in my life anymore and, at the same time, I ask for new things to be brought into my life in the new year.

Every year, surprisingly, I get brilliant results out of this. “This” meaning either my meditating about life, or the actual mini ritual put in place. I envision my life “packed with all these new features” and, eventually, along the year, I get to them. I’ve always been grateful for this. I ask “the universe” to bring stuff into my life, and it does! Whether it’s the universe or it is simply me, conditioning my own mind for a new set of goals, it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that I ask, and I receive. That’s the beauty of it, really.

Well, this year has been different. I obviously always think of my ancestors, and I wish they’re all well, wherever they are (if anywhere). But this year I haven’t really done any rituals. As of yesterday, or even last week, I was pretty certain of those things in my life which I want to keep, get rid of, or bring into my life. It has cost me months, efforts and even a period of sickness, but come Samhain this year, I was more than ready to start the new year with clear thoughts in my head. And it’s wonderful!

This morning, I woke up feeling 1) grateful, 2) quite confident and, 3) generally happy. One feels great knowing what really is happening in one’s life and where life can get to. I know mine will change across the course of the coming year, but I can’t wait for all these changes to happen. I am starting to see where I want my life to be going towards. And it just feels fine!

So, having said all this, and if I may give out a little piece of advice: stop for a moment, cast a thought towards those ones who are not amongst us anymore, and ask for all those things you want to have in your lives. Just ask! You’ll all see that you will receive, too!

Happy Celtic New Year, everyone! May you have a merry one! 🙂



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