Destiny’s role

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about decisions to be made… Decisions that seemed to be mine and only mine… But I’m starting to see everything with a different clarity.

Destiny can be tricky. When I was most concerned about deciding something that could change the course of my life, then destiny comes along and slaps me around the face (not with a fish this time, LOL!).

It feels nice when every piece of the puzzle falls perfectly into its own place by itself. Very regularly do we fight against the course of our own lives, when it seems pretty much “talked about and decided”. Sometimes we even think that we have some kind of say. And when we have a say and we “say it”, life manages to bend and –sometimes- break us.

So, this time I’m deciding not to take a stand. This time, I’ve seen clearly what destiny has in store for me. And when put in front of me, I’ve not even judged or questioned what or how I should do. I’ve simply jumped in and let myself be dragged with the whole flow of things.

Do you know how it feels? It feels peaceful. It feels like no matter what I do, I’m being where I am supposed to be. And that feeling… oh, boy, that feeling is utterly satisfying!

So I’m up for the challenge now. Life’s about to change and I’m about to change with it. My world spins once again and my only hope is that I don’t get dizzy with it!

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  1. Hi Jorge,

    Very good article. Casually, I have been reading about this subject for more than a year (casuality, destiny, I don’t know XD, surely, because Yadi and I are trying to set up and startup XP). And I think that you are right, the destiny is not written, we are writing it. If you want something, fight for it, move your butt, the things are not waiting for you, it’s mandatory to do an effort, to make a sacrify to get the reward. Be prepared.

    Greetings, be a good boy, bye,


  2. What a beautiful post, Jorge. Destiny is a bastard in some occasions, and Im happy you’ve seen the light and what destiny has in store for you! It is also very courageous of you to just jump in in and ride it! Teach me your ways, or direct me to a psychic! I hope that it being a month later, you are still feeling satisfied and peaceful!

    1. My dear Chelsea!
      Luckily for me, I’ve not had to make much of a decision, it feels like destiny played its own part and it made it for me. There are, obviously, still nerves about the whole change, and now that it all is about to start, my only concern is whether I will be good enough! But I assume that always happens when we start anew in any aspect of our lives.
      Having said that, though, I’m always here and happy to help!

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