A second welcome.

To all my beloved English-speakers, a second -but not secondly-important- welcome. A great thank-you to all of you who have inspired me to try to better myself. To all of you who are just yourselves, passionate, natural fighters, bright lights in a world where everything seems to be faster, better, and more effective than ourselves, proving we are just perfect as we are. Natural links to the path of true nature.

I have found, in many of you (and this, of course, language-independent), a way that will help me go back to myself, to that person I know is within me. The father (or mother, sometimes), the warrior, the understanding kind, the bright and warm fella. The crazy Aries that blasts out and about sometimes!

I must thank all those people who have supported me along the way, especially these last months, to become the person I want to be. I will strive to get there… to be there… and I will be there, I promise!

Many, many… and more than many thanks!

— Jorge —

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